Brilliant Ideas : Part 1 – Cabinetry

Brilliant Ideas  Part 1 – CabinetryI just had another great idea. What if your cabinets were multi-functional? Wouldn’t you be a tad more excited to show off your kitchen if you added a little flair and a little more function to them? How about if we made a chalkboard with a menu or the measuring equivalents on them for your little ones to learn the basics about what you do all day in the kitchen? How about just adding some creative spice to the kitchen by displaying what is going to be for dinner for your anticipating family?

Brilliant Ideas : Part 1    Cabinetry

Throw on a couple of measuring cups, some kitchen utensils, add some chalk, (color if you feel frisky) and you have something to talk about every day. It might just bring the young cooks to the kitchen. Have your little tykes get involved and write up their own menu and draw some pictures. You can have them also write the answers when they finally figure out what the measuring cups are and where they go. Your kitchen should be just as fun of a room as the rest of your house. Your home is meant for you and your family. Prove it to yourself and prove it to all of them. Make a day where everyone can get involved. Take a break from the children and let THEM cook (if you dare! icon smile Brilliant Ideas : Part 1    Cabinetry  And design the menu for you and your husband. They can don bow ties, waiter aprons, even bring a menu pad and chilled grape wouldn’t you know it…your best under the sink mop..but don’t tell them that. They are, playing. And they are trying to make your night special. All this from a simple new brilliant idea in the kitchen. Wow. Can you just picture it?


Happy Decorating!


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