How to make ‘Simple’ look Unique & Artistic

How to make ‘Simple’ look Unique & ArtisticYou know, I have always admired the Amish. They live a very simplified lifestyle. They have no modern conveniences like we do, and they seem to be very happy, hard working people. I don’t see why any home has to be transformed into a ‘showplace’ and you have to break your bank account just to keep up with the Joneses or to satisfy your relatives and neighbors.

I grew up on a country 40-acre farm and was very happy to live such a way. We worked very hard to have what we did, and we were content to have it, not asking for more than we didn’t work for. What I am trying to express to you , my dear readers, is that you can utilize something as simple as a metal bucket that you have lying around or as an extra you use in your barn to haul wood or feed your pigs with. AND it is also a very interesting conversation piece.

How to make Simple  look Unique & Artistic

Say, go and buy a few decorative taps at Home Depot or Menards, add a splash of color with some brown and cream drapes and hand towels, and an old, rustic-looking bench or two, one you can even paint to look old to give it that old-world country charm. It’s that simple.

You too, can transform your bathroom into something beautiful and unique. Something artistic and simple, functional but still beautiful. Sometimes when you alter something, it can just make it that much better. Enjoy your life. Make your home a happy reflection of that. And, as always, Happy Decorating!


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