Make Stunning Silhouette Art With Colorful Magazine Strips!

Back in middle school, I practically stayed in the art room. I spent so much time creating new paintings, drawings, crafting and more! I loved spending time in there. I miss it. But anyway, enough with my memories! One art piece I remember was silhouette art, I loved silhouettes! This project I’m going to show you today is magazine strip silhouette art.  All you need is six things and creativity.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A pencil,
  • A large drawing/photograph (cut along the outline of the silhouette) Tip: A picture from an old wall calendar works great!
  • Scissors
  • Construction or poster board
  • Colorful magazine pages cut into strips
  • Elmer’s glue, or any decent glue stick
Silhouette Art With Magazine Strips1. After assembling your supplies, place the picture on the poster board, and trace the outline with a pencil.  More power to you if you can draw your preferred silhouette outline by hand without tracing!
Silhouette Art With Magazine Strips2. Cut the magazine strips into the correct size to match your outline and place them side by side.  Pay attention to the curves along your outline and cut the strips to match the curves.  This is where some time, patience, and attention to detail will ensure the best possible finished product.  So, grab a drink and don’t rush!
Silhouette Art With Magazine Strips3. Verify the magazine strips are cut to the correct length and that the edges matches the curves before applying glue and sticking it to the poster board.  If you have trouble cutting precisely with scissors, you can try place clear glass over the poster board, then place the strips over the glass and cut the strips with a razor blade or carpet cutter by tracing along the outline.
Silhouette Art With Magazine Strips4. Once you finish glueing the magazine strips along the silhouette, erase any visible pencil outline, and get ready to admire your master piece!
Silhouette Art With Magazine Strips5. Your silhouette art is ready.  Depending on the style of your home decor, you can hang it up as is with some string, or give it a classier look by putting it in a frame that matches the rest of your art.
Silhouette art on canvas
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If you prefer the look of “oil on canvas”, you can use the same above listed approach on canvas, and paint the background in a color that appeals to you and will match your home decor.  After all, world class interior design always ensures harmony between art, furniture, lighting, and paint!  The canvas in the image with two dog silhouettes is a great example of silhouette art with magazine strips on canvas with oil paint in the background.

The last reminder I’ll leave you with is this: Choose magazine pages in the colors that you want to stand out the most in your silhouette art.  Imagine what you want the finished product to look like before you start cutting out magazine strips.  This will ensure your vision truly comes to life.

Once you’ve created your own art, remember there is a method and an art behind hanging up your frames or poster boards with the proper alignment in the most visually appealing format.  Click here to learn how!

Have you tried a similar DIY project at home?  Share your experience in the comments below!

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Happy Decorating!


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