How-to: Colorful Flowerbeds for your Fence Line

Colorful Art Pieces Made EasyMy dear readers, if there is anything I know about well, it is art. Art is always up to individual interpretation and practical criticism. No one really knows the intention or meaning behind a piece except for the real artist. My point to you, then, is : why not enjoy it? In this brief blog, I am going to narrate to you how to make colorful art using nothing more than a pencil, a piece of drawing, construction or posterboard and some Elmer’s glue or rubber cement. Even a small glue stick (which I have now seen come in many varieties of scents, oddly enough) will work for this project.

Colorful Art Pieces Made Easy

All you have to do is make a simple outline of whatever you are wanting to draw, as displayed here, and start cutting up those old magazines you were getting ready to toss, into strips. Make sure you adjust the strips to fit the size of your outline, being very careful to cut each one accordingly before you glue it down, otherwise it ends up a huge mess. Usually, most magazines have colorful pictures and words and advertisements, so there should really be NO problem getting a lot of color into this piece. These strips should look like war medals or long, thin rectangles and make the new piece look like a very colorful rainbow. There are no ends to the possiblities that you can utilize. You don’t really have to even make an outline. I would love to see a whole art piece, a posterboard filled with nothing but colorful magazine strips. In fact, I am thinking about doing this myself very soon. Happy Decorating!


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