Pallet Tables

pallet-table-with-mosiac-insertsPallets have went from being the one thing that piled up in warehouses, to the typical stay at home mom’s dream. When Pinterest was created, mom’s went crazy. One thing that trended from the very beginning were pallets. Pallets can be used to make just about anything like seats,benches, bed frames, chests, signs etc.

But today I’m going to teach you how to create pallet tables.


Get some pallets and sand/ clean them.


Pry the wood pieces apart and away form the blocks. If some pieces break off, it’s okay, it adds character.


Individually brush & sand the slats, start combining the pieces together again. The treating of the wood actually took a considerable amount of time, but keep in mind that the level of fineness actually depends on your design and how fine you want the table to be.
With the help of a large clamp, hold the pieces together and glue the three transom pieces in place. Afterwards, glue the remaining six blocks and the two skids in the bottom.


After alot of  coats of lacquer is finished, position castor wheels and marked the holes for drilling.You can use hex wood screws to install the wheels.


Put this baby in your living-room and Enjoy!



Here’s a couple videos that will help you:

There’s one with ideas and one on how to deconstruct these pesky pallets. Enjoy!


Do you have any pallet furniture in your home? Tell me what you have in the comment section!


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