Even More Brilliant Ideas The Phantom Screen

Even More Brilliant Ideas The Phantom ScreenEver wanted to be able to raise or lower your enclosed porch screens at the touch of a button? Tired of them pesky mosquitoes bothering you when you are trying to enjoy a good book, get a tan or have a private dinner with your sweetheart? Want to install something that adds a unique style as well as a classy and simple veneer to your brand new porch without having to spend tons and tons of money. Well now you can.

Even More Brilliant Ideas The Phantom Screen

With Phantom Screens, the concept behind this idea is to make it appear as if the screens are not even there but still functional. And, you can do it on the cheap, like I am always trying to help you do, dear readers! All you need is, like with the slider door concept, a staple gun, a sheet or two of screen, some scissors and a little ingenuity. Yes, it is JUST that simple. I highly reccomend taking measurements before you go to the hardware store and buying more screen than you actually truly need, although there is always a good use out there for screen somewhere. Use a pair of scissors or some sort of metal cutting mechanism as well to carefully cut your screen, or, if you feel like pre-measuring, you can always have them cut it for you at your local Hobby Lobby or Menards, or whatever home-improvement store you have in your area. I would highly reccommend going over your measurements just an inch or two, that way you don’t pull and rip your screen and have enough to actually cover the space. Happy Decorating!


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  • June 5, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Do you have any tutorials? I love the sliding screen doors and the phantom screens but not sure how to make them.

    Thank you,



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