DIY Deck Cover

diy-deck-coverA covered wooden deck. Add a splash of lights and some pretty white drapes that pull in the sunshine and moonlight but also provide a wonderful breeze. Some green or brown deck chairs and a table.A heat lamp or a roaring outdoor fireplace. It doesn’t even have to wrap around the entire porch. You can make even a very small deck on a double-wide in a trailer park look beautiful. Most of my blogs encourage individuality & creativity. This is one of them.

 DIY Deck Cover

Your home should be YOUR dream, not someone else’s. Sipping iced tea or drinking chocolate milk with your newborn baby in her basinnette and your loving husband, watching the sun go down. Reading Walt Whitman’s ‘Leaves of Grass’. Paint a picture of what you would like your life to look like and then go after it. Even painting outdoors, painting the sunset or the luminous sky at night seems like a wonderful idea. Have an afternoon barbecue and set up a volleyball net so the kids can play or maybe they want to play croquet or lawn darts instead while you and your buddies drink a few beers and talk about your old high school days. Invite your Church friends or the ladies from the Rotary Club over for an afternoon brunch or just tea and scones while you enjoy a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Throw a birthday party for your teenager and his or her friends and impress them with how well and unique they decorate so they go back raving to their parents how you have the nicest porch in the tri-county area. The possibilities are endless. You can only imagine!


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