Stained Concrete Can Look Like Water

stained-concrete-looks-like-water-4Have you ever walked into a room and just thought “Wow!” Well, that’s how it is walking into a room with water covering the floor. Wait! That’s not water! It’s concrete!


Yes, they really do make this. This floor is from a commercial building in California, the color is Kemiko Aqua Blue and also Brickform Turquoise. Stained concrete has become something rare but beautiful. It’s becoming popular all over America. To some, it reminds them of the good ole’ days in the skating rinks. Some people actually get this type of flooring in their homes, which actually looks quite elegant!  If concrete inside your home is not your kinda thing; try it in your garage, which would be the most logical place for most folks.
In order to get this type of flooring, your concrete must be unpainted and unstained. Concrete is porous and once stained it’s sealed.

Here’s how to get this flooring:

  • 9″ tear resistant deck paint pad
  • telescoping rod
  • handle for paint pad (attach to telescoping pad)
  • paint pan
  • 4″ paintbrush
  • tarp
  • broom and hose
  • concrete stain (water based)
  • bucket of water
  • rag (for spills)

STEP 1: Choose a Color. Choose an opaque stain, it’ll give you more coverage. There’s different levels of coverage in different colors but the opaque looks the best to me.  Test a small area somewhere not in the open so you can make sure that the color is what you want. But always read the manufacturer’s instructions before using this stuff.

STEP 2: Prep your concrete. Remove all furniture and other objects from the room and also, remove all dirt and particles by using the broom and hose. Make sure all of the concrete is clean and prepped. After cleaning the concrete, let it dry for a full 24 hours.

STEP 3: Apply the stain. SHOW TIME! Okay here we go, after your concrete has dried, place your paint pan on the tarp and pour the stain into the pan. Using your brush, apply the stain on the edges and seams.Then, using the pad put the stain over the rest of the concrete. Stay in one section so you’ll have more control over how it blends and dries. Once most of the stain is out of the pad, use what’s left to soften the edges from your other strokes before adding more stain to the pad. Different areas of the concrete will absorb differently, and rust spots will finish darker. You can fill areas and holes in the concrete but they will dry darker than the rest.


ALSO, Do NOT apply in the sun, wait for a cloudy day that way you’ll have time to blend before it dries.

That’s one of the many ways to go about this process. But there’s many different ways. You could even hire someone like in this video below:

Have fun staining your concrete and making your home a tad bit more jaw dropping than it already is!

What are your thoughts on stained concrete? Like or Not? Comment below!

Also, if you decide to try this idea let me know how it turns out!


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