Take on me, Mr. Headboard!

Take on me, Mr. Headboard!Nothing brings back that creative spark of ingenuity than from something you have done yourself and have been praised for and proud of. Don’t have a headboard for your bed? Tired of smacking your head against the wall every time you try to get comfortable and fall asleep? Want something creative and fun that isn’t going to run you out of the very last pocket-money you have and have something to do in your meanwhile? None of this is any longer an issue.

I tell you, you can create a genius headboard out of a door and a few hinges. You may already have a few lying around. So, why not clean up your ‘trash’ and turn it into a money-saving idea?

 Take on me, Mr. Headboard!

 First thing is first, I would pick out which bedroom or bedrooms need headboard and paint the door according to the already present color scheme of the room (black, white, or wood is always the safest bet if you are unsure). Next, get a friend or buddy or neighbor or family member to help you prop this thing against the wall, because it IS going to be rather heavy, unless, of course, you are superman.

Then you want to attach the other side of the hinge to the wall on all four to eight sides, depending on how heavy the door is, with a screwdriver, preferably an electric one. You can also decorate and recolor and add to the current design of your headboard anytime at will. Personally, I rather like the antiquated, worn look myself, but it is YOUR house. So have fun. And, Happy Decorating!


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