From Tables to Ottomans

From Tables to OttomansEver wanted an ottoman but couldn’t bear to pay those outlandish prices? Ever wanted to reupholster something but weren’t sure how? IKEA $8 tables are the answer for you, then. All it takes is a vivid imagination, some time and once again, a sense of adventure. Buy as many tables as you knowingly need. After all, they are only $8. Also, while you are shopping around, pick up some fabric shears, some foam bedding or a pillow or two and more staples for your staple gun.

What you are going to also want to do is measure the full surface area of the table(s) both length and width. You can also utilize these for nightstands or decorative cloth tables.

 From Tables to Ottomans

 First, make sure the tables don’t have any bumps in them. If they do, you will want to utilize the hand-sanding method and smooth them out completely before adding your padding. The next step is to pad your new furniture before putting on the final cloth cover. It all depends on how cushiony you wish this ottoman or decorative table to be. Remember, these can also be used as children’s seats or extra seating for guests, so if they are going to serve a multiple function, you might want to put down as much padding as possible. Foam bedding is usually available in the pillow section of places like Walmart and Target, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find. Cut the fabric with your fabric shears according to measurements and then staple all the way around your table being careful to watch your hands and outline the pattern, without puncturing the wood. Happy Decorating!


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