Even Even MORE Brilliant Ideas Awesome Spaces

Awesome-SpacesEven Even MORE Brilliant Ideas Awesome SpacesLet me paint a vivid picture for you here, my dear readers: How would you like to have your very own home theatre, club and waterpark in your own home? Wouldn’t it be so nice to be able to have a room in the house to entertain even the most finicky and discretionary dinner guests? Want to give your children and/or grandchildren something to do all weekend without them wishing they had hit Disney world or even stayed at home before you send them spoiledly running back to mum and dad? How about a weight room that would make Chuck Norris and Jet Li jealous? Or your very own shoe closet that would rival that of ANY seen on Sex and the City?

 Even Even MORE Brilliant Ideas Awesome Spaces

 I tell you once, I have told you a thousand, thousand, thousand times. Your home is YOUR palace. It is up to you what to do with it. It should be your own personal playground , not deplete of things that make you happy. And these projects can be done very inexpensively, most of them all by ones self. You can be an interior and exterior decorator without a license. You can be your own chef and gardener. All it takes is a little know-how, and playful, sometimes maybe overactive imagination. Why can’t your home look like the Daddy Warbuck’s (Annie) mansion? You can put two spiral staircases leading up to the upstairs in your house too, without breaking your wallet. Any home can be transformed this way if one just keeps an open mind. Happy Decorating


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