Wood Grain Porcelain Tile: The Tile that Looks like Wood

Wood Grain Porcelain Tile The Tile that Looks like WoodSo, here is the scenario: You are redoing your kitchen and would like to use the PWT (porcelain wood tiles) I have seen amazing looking things now where the PWT really look real. Your questions are : since the price varies greatly $2-$16 sqft besides the visual what should I look for in quality or a brand? Many of these tiles are European and you are JUST not sure.

I think I would be going for something in a darker brown or you could even do a weathered ash. Ask yourself: Do you currently have hardwood anywhere else in your house? The reason that I ask is that while the LOOK is still there, the tile will be much harder underfoot than actual wood. You can replace your current tile with things like cork, bamboo, or hardwood to give your poor feet, legs and back a much-needed rest.

 Wood Grain Porcelain Tile: The Tile that Looks like Wood

 If you go through a brand name such as Daltile, you can usually procure them retail at about $7.50 per sq. ft, ballpark. Plus, it also cleans great, it looks great. You can also try ABK Woodway. It’s pretty much bulletproof for you and your children’s ‘messy tendencies.’ This also looks wonderful inside against dark cabinetry with a creme color island. Try a natural maple with a hint of color or beechwood. Get your cabinets at IKEA. They will be much better built and less expensive. A lot of things will affect the price. Origin, material, aesthetics (quality in color, variation, technology used to produce it, edges- rectified or natural, length, etc) Depending on your location you can really get a great quality italian, spanish, or domestic porcelain in the 3-10$ range. 16 is a bit excessive in my opinion. Sometimes you pay more for the name brand than the quality.

I used a rectified, colored body tile in my house, but you can easily get a great looking non rectified, glazed porcelain for less. Installation costs on rectified tiles is usually higher. Porcelanosa has an extensive line of wood-look tiles. The colors

run the gamut from very light to very dark, and everything in

FYI, the tiles are rectified, needing very little grout.

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