Coat Closet Makeover

Coat Closet MakeoverThis is going to be very quick and very easy. First thing is first: Take everything out of your closet including any current shelving and place it away from your work area. You can possibly utilize it later, but not now. A closet, especially a coat closet, should not just be another place to SHOVE everything. Nor should there be any mildew or smell, even from cold, rainy or blustery winter days. So, next, after you have cleaned out all of the ‘junk’ from your closet ( a plastic tub or two or three you can utilize to sort through later and store away immediately if absolutely necessary works well for this step) , carefully remove the shelving, rod and wood pieces and place them aside as well.

 Coat Closet Makeover

 Now it comes to the quick, easy and fun route. Simple drafting mathematics: If you know you want two rows of hooks and the wood you bought is wider than what was originally there, how do you solve the issue? Easy. Put it over the top. Using your level and your nail gun, get all the wood put in and ready for the next step. Add a piece of wood to put a shelf up high in the closet. It is high so it cannot be seen very well (out of sight, out of mind rule for showplace homes).

It will also prevent too much stuff from being stacked in your closet again. You should, when you are finished, have three rows of wood: 1 for the shelf and 2 for the rows of hooks. Once all the wood is installed in your closet, you need to fill the nail holes and caulk all the seams carefully. Paint all the wood white, as well as the bottom 1/2 of the wall. After everything gets painted white, it is time to paint the grey. I highly recommend an Olympic paint in Grey Ghost, or something very similar. It is a truly stunning color, especially against white. Next, use 3 different styles of hooks.

You should be able to procure them all at Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has all their knobs and hooks 50% off all the time now. Before the discount the top hooks were $4.99 each. The middle bottom ones were $3.99 each and the bottom side ones were $2.99 each. A much better price than it is my experience you can find at some other places and best of all, you DON’T have to paint them!

 This project was very pocketbook friendly. The hooks were the most expensive part and you can always cut back on that by using less expensive hooks or other things you have on hand (old knobs, hooks, etc…).

 The final step is to put the transfer piece on top of the carpet that covers the seam from the wood to the carpet.

I hope you like the transformation as much as I did.

 Happy Decorating!


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