Firepit I Want One Like This

Firepit I Want One Like ThisSummer time is quickly approaching. What is better to do in the summer than spend time with the family in the backyard?Yes, it is a great time to get caught up with family and friends while enjoying great food and drinks.

 Sometimes however friends and family are busy in the daylight hours. They may also want to stay a little longer reminiscing about old times. How can you accommodate guests after the sun has gone down? A firepit!!! Yes, a firepit is a really cool way to spend the late hours of the evening with family and friends.

 After looking at several fire pits, I found this one:

Firepit I Want One Like ThisI really want one like this. It is really nice for gatherings or date night with hubby. It would also be nice to roast marshmallows on and make S’mores with the kids. What’s great about this fire pit is that it is built into the ground. I like this because there is nothing free standing. You can even cover it if you like or leave it as is.

 I also like that it is a completely DIY project and can be done by my husband over a weekend or a few weekends. It can be utilized in both summer and winter months because it is made of stone. The base of the fire pit allows the use of chairs or even seating on the base itself.

 I want this fire pit and hope to enjoy it for many a summers night. Do you think you would enjoy a fire pit like this? Do you know of any uses for it beside a gathering place? Would you use it to bake bread or roast marshmallows?


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