Family Tree (wall tree)

Family Tree (wall tree)This is a really neat idea. Pictures have always been a thing that gathers family, friends and acquaintances on the living sofa for moments to remember the past. It is just something whimsical about photos and photo albums. I suppose it is because pictures tell so much without uttering a word. I suppose it is because pictures freezes time like nothing else does. I don’t really have the answer but whenever photo albums are pulled out of drawers and cabinets everyone wants to sit around and take a look.

 This Family Tree (wall tree) is a great way to put those unspoken moments in a place where everyone can see. Guests will spend their first moments in your family room just looking over the wall tree. It is definitely an attention catcher.

 Family Tree (wall tree)

 Even if you can not trace back your family’s history beyond your grandparents, I am sure there are enough pictures between that generation and your own to fill the wall and fill the tree.

 This DIY project will take a little time and attention to detail but it is definitely doable. It is this simple. Paint the wall a base color. Hire someone who has the ability to paint a tree on your wall. The branches should spread about the entire wall. Once the painting is done and the paint is dry, attach photos on picture hooks on branches. It doesn’t have to be generation after generation. You could simply put photos up of your immediate family. You could also put photos up of your relatives on one side and your husband’s relatives on the other.

 However, you decide wouldn’t you agree that this is a truly unique and creative idea?


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