Trash to Treasure: Story of Vintage Rehabbed Furniture

refabbed-furniture-projectsWhat is rehabbed furniture? 

Imagine walking through an old thrift store that you just happened to find on the side of the road and seeing an old decaying rocking chair, you look at its rotted fabric,  some people would think ‘Who would want that piece of trash?’ but you think ‘What an interesting piece, that has potential.’ So you buy this old grandmother rocker and take it home to your workshop/garage and you look it up and down, ‘Now where to begin…’

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Refabbed furnishings are a fancy way of saying I found someone else’s trash and made it my treasure. You’re taking the old and making it new again.

 What furniture pieces are worth the rehab?

Not all furniture is worth the time and money you’ll put into trying to revive it. Here’s just a small list of some of the items that when put through intensive furniture rehab will repay you very well. (If you decide you want to sell it once you see how beautiful it can be).

  1. Armoires- These were originally used to hide those big bulky televisions, you remember 1990 right? Anyway, now days we have all flat screens that go well on tabletops or even go on the wall so how to use that old vintage armoire? Repaint and add shelves for a great storage cabinet!
  2. Side Tables- These are usually used as your bedside tables but who would’ve thought that they can be used as your bathroom vanity? That’s right. With a little paint, granite top and your sink on top you have a classy new vanity!
  3. Hutches- Back in the day, my grandmother had one of those vintage hutches that she put her china in, but now days you can paint that baby up, add some patterns and designs, and use it as storage!
  4. Media Carts- Used to hold the big TV and the VCR player but now it can be totally transformed into an end table with some paint and fabric.
  5. Dining chairs- This is my favorite, add some new fabric to these old vintage chairs and some paint and viola! It’s already brand new!
  6. Bookcases- Just some flat out paint can go a long way with this one but to escalate the beauty why not add some designs or patterns? Maybe paint some flowers or something?
  7. Ottomans- My mom had one of these when I was growing up. It was the ugliest shade of green. But thinking back with some fabric with a bright pattern it would be so beautiful!
  8. Tin trays- I know this one isn’t really furniture but it looks so good after going through a rehab. Paint these old tin trays then paint designs, silhouettes, whatever you want on them. They look so amazing!
  9. Sideboards- These are just simple fabulous looking with some patterns and bright paint jobs. These will probably bring you the most money once rehabbed.
  10. Chests- Women like myself are constantly looking for chests that aren’t totally decomposing already so if you could fix up that old chest you got from your mother’s, grandmother’s, great aunt’s, brother’s wife then you can get some nice money by just redoing some of the exterior finishes.

What are some of the main things I can do to escalate my furniture’s worth?

  • Paint
  • Reupholster
  • Add Reflection
  • Patterns
  • Paint designs
  • Add molding
  • Sand
  • Prime
  • Add interest to item
  • Slipcovers
  • New Fabrics
  • Monograms

These are just a few things you should know about refabbing your furniture!


Do you have any “Someone’s trash, my treasure” stories?  Let me know all about your rehabbed furniture! Comment about it in the comment section!


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