How to Make Your Pictures into Huge Wall Art with Pennies

How to Make Your Pictures into Huge Wall Art with PenniesOK, so you have just moved into a new place and the walls are bare. More than likely he whole entire place is bare but once you get those boxes unloaded you will be able to fill in a lot of empty space. So, back to the bare walls… what to do… what to do? Well, you can fix up those walls with your own wall art. You can use your own pictures to make huge wall art and it will only cost you pennies.

 How to Make Your Pictures into Huge Wall Art with Pennies

 If this is a honeymoon suite, picture of you and your beau would be an excellent option for decorating the walls. If you guys have kids, that’s another great option for pictures and don’t forget the family pet because you can include him too. Take your favorite pictures to a portrait studio you would even take them to most home centers that develop photos such as Walmart. Have the photos printed into poster size portraits and affix them to a canvas. You can also insert the poster sized photos into poster sized picture frames or DIY poster frames.

 You want to make sure you pick the best photos. Avoid photos that are busy and have too many things going on in the backdrop. The best photos are photos that focus on few individuals. This allows the main characters to come to the front of the photo while losing the backdrop a bit. Also, hanging a few portraits makes for an interesting art display. This will not cost you only pennies and will make a lovely addition to your family room.


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