Decorating Shelves

how-to-decorate-shelves-this-blog-is-the-best-2-2Somewhere in all of our homes there’s a bookshelf or shelving unit or storage shelving like “cubbies”. Some of us think: oh yeah, just throw some books in there and be done with it, right? But is there a certain “correct” way to arranging or decorating shelves? Is it really just a matter of stacking some books and a vase or is there more to it that we’re not aware of?

When decorating your shelving, you can’t go wrong. Well, sort of. For starters, you need to decide what this shelf will hold. Will it hold books only? Or maybe some vases, little decoratives like collectables, or will it hold your achievements like trophies or certificates.

While you decide on that, let’s start with the small details. Are you going to paint it? If so, paint the inside with a bright, bold color and leave the outside as a dark color or paint it a dark color. This idea looks amazing and will give your items that pop that they need to make them stand out. Also, you can use this technique to go along with your color schemes.

When you’re ready to start placing things on the shelves be sure to follow these common guidelines:

  1. Keep “junk” to a minimum.
  2. Put collections together in families.
  3. Big things in back, small in front.
  4. Spread things out.
  5. If you have an awkward corner fill it.
  6. Put anything you’d like in there, just have fun with it!

If you’re looking for wall shelving, or unique arrangement, here’s a video with some ideas that will definitely inspire you!

And if you run out of decor you could always make some, here’s a video with some DIY tips and tricks:


What is your favorite item on your shelves? Mine is my shabby chic picture frame. Comment below and let me know yours!


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