Use Your Corners Bedroom

Use Your Corners BedroomHave you ever noticed corners are always wasted space in a home? I mean they are pretty good for collecting dust, placing a lamp or providing a place for a broom to hang out in but not much anything else. It goes without saying that not only is the floor space wasted but so is the space higher up on the wall. It all goes unused.

Use Your Corners Bedroom

You can, however, use your corners in your bedroom. Do not waste that space. Corners in a bedroom are useful space that you can decorate and is where you can create great decor. In the corner of your bedroom install shelving. Shelving will allow you to use the space from the floor to higher heights.

Position four to six floating shelves on the wall. Floating shelves are better than most other shelving units because the hardware is not visible. This gives a better appearance to the finished decor. Space the floating shelves evenly from a distance between your knee and above your head but still within arms reach.

Place interesting finds on your floating shelves. Other nice things to place on the shelves are glass vases, scented candles and candle holders, picture frames, zen gardens and scented reed sticks. You can place anything on the shelves but make sure it suits the existing decor and your personality. Lighting is still another item that would excellent in the corner of your bedroom place don these floating shelves. Lighting placed in the corner provides soft light for the remainder of the room.


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