Before Painting Your Home: Tips!

i-am-stealing-so-many-of-her-home-decorBeing a mom is tough, being a mom who can keep her house stylish is easy.

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

Yes, you heard me!

One way to keep your home in good stylish standing is by painting your interior.  Painting your home is a great way to update your look, which giving the appearance or being cleaner and newer at the same time!

Things to know before painting:

  • The best paint to use is Eggshell, it will help cover imperfections in the wall and also be easy to clean. High-gloss paint will be easiest to clean but won’t do you much good if your walls have a few imperfections, and is usually only recommended for bathrooms. Flat paint will help you with imperfections but not so much with the cleaning part. So, Eggshell is preferred as a happy medium by many homeowners with children.
  • Explore Color. Color can enhance your rooms, it’s a bit daunting at first but dive on in and paint your room your favorite color, what’s the worst that could happen?  For it to be ugly? Just paint over it!
  • Get Paint Samples. If color swatches aren’t your thing then contact the manufacturer of your favorite color of paint and ask for a small sample of the paint, this will prevent you from getting an unwanted color that looked better in the booklets. They are cheap and if you get one you don’t like then you could let the kids have the rest to paint with.
  • Know square footage. You need to know your room’s square footage when you go to buy the paint, but there’s something else you need to know and that is how many coats you’ll need. If you feel like you may need to do two or three coats and you’ll be priming the wall then you may need a little more than expected. That is where your paint samples will help out.
  • Prep. Before painting try to make your wall as flat as possible because paint isn’t a miracle worker and can not hide the gaping wall your son put in the wall when he slung the door open. (We had a few of those incidents when I was growing up.)
  • Primer. Primer is sort of like the foundation for your painting to hold on to. You’ll definitely need to put this on your wall. It will make the rest of the process go smoothly.  Many manufacturers now sell paint that includes primer, which will help avoid some labor, so that is also a great way to go!

How often should you paint your home?

A designer once said that you should repaint your home every five to ten years. But me? I say paint it whenever you get sick of staring at that “Robin’s egg blue” paint on your wall. But if you are having a tough ti,e choosing the right color that you won’t get tired of, then maybe you should read this article on choosing the right paint color.   I do recommend using the best quality paint you can afford.  This is especially important for big houses with lots of furniture, because most of the cost and hassles with painting come from labor costs, and moving or covering up furniture.  Good quality paint will last many more years than the cheapest paint you can find and less frequent painting will save you money, especially if you plan on hiring painters.

What are some trending wall designs that won’t bore my guests and myself?

Well, some very highly trending designs are Chevron wall designs, (Which can be read about here.) I actually have this on my old bedroom wall. Notice I say wall instead of walls. That of which is also a trending design, painting one or two walls a different color. I have three gray walls and one chevron white and gray wall. But if you have a significant other they will need a say so and may not like chevron in their bedroom or pretty designs. But if you’re a free and single female then you can go wild while checking out this post about Bachelorette Pads.

But since I put something for the ladies, here’s something for you guys:

Honestly, the design in that room is AMAZING! I absolutely love it.

Do you have any good designs on your walls? Comment and tell me about them!


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