Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Finishes in the Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Finishes in the KitchenKitchens look and feel great when you put your all into decorating them. For instance, the barn wood appeal on kitchen ceilings tend to liven the area,  and add definition to the room, whether it has a natural oak look or a dark wood finish. It may be complemented well with; an island that has stainless steel knobs, handles, and is great for bar stool seating. Read more

Making an old China Hutch new

Making an old China Hutch newWhen you’re redecorating, do you ever look at your oldest piece of furniture, and not know exactly what to do with it? It is common for people to replace older furniture with newer styles, but how about turning that fifty year old China hutch into an elegant piece of furniture that is both stylish and new.

Making an old China Hutch new Read more

Protect Your Interior During Rainy Days

Protect Your Interior from Rainy DaysRain soaked muddy shoes or clothes can make a mess in your house.  Even leaving these shoes at the entrance is unsightly. All the things we hate in our perfectly clean and tidy house. Houses with concrete tiles won’t see this as a problem, but it will definitely be for houses with lots and lots of carpets and hardwood floor.

Protect your interior during rainy days by having a special closet.  I call this a mud room, since my last house had a huge walk in closet that was the size of a small room.  Read more

Turn a Dresser into this Beautiful Bench

Turn a Dresser into this Beautiful BenchHow many times have we come across an old dresser at a flee market? It always catches our eye, we glance, once, twice but always move on. You see something within you wanted to pick up that dresser and repurpose it, transform it or hack it but you just didn’t have any great ideas of what to transform it into. I mean it was a big cumbersome dress. Have you ever thought about transforming an old dresser into this beautiful bench! DIY.

 Turn a Dresser into this Beautiful Bench Read more

Every Girl’s Sanctuary

Every Girl’s SanctuaryGirls are not like any other creature in the world (smile). They are fun, energetic, bubbly, bouncy, full of energy but they also cry at the drop of a hat, are hormonal, have weird quirks and will declare about 100 times a week that you as a parent just don’t understand. Sounds about right? Well, there is one thing as a parent you do understand. You do understand that every girl needs a girl’s sanctuary.

I mean she needs a place that is all her own. A place where she can let loose and fantasize about how great she would be as the Princess of her own Kingdom. Hey, I’m not a girl anymore but that last one (Princess of her own Kingdom) sounds pretty cool to me too. Well, anyways, how’s this for making her feel like a Princess while giving her her own girl’s sanctuary? Read more

Cozy Couples Room Idea

CozyCozy… what more can you say? I love everything about this decor. The decorations, the color, the varying textures, the mood it sets just everything about this screams ME!!! Ok, I love to do little romantic things for and with my husband. I love to enjoy his company and especially when the atmosphere is right.

I really don’t know anything more enjoyable than the companionship of a spouse in a relaxing atmosphere where you can just sit back, relax, release yourself from the all worldly stresses and enjoy the company of the person I love the most. Read more

Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment IdeasOk, let’s admit we choose small apartments for varying reasons. We may choose a small apartment because our finances may dictate that type of dwelling. We may choose a small apartment because we don’t spend much time home and it may be senseless to spend so much money on something so spacious when you are hardly there.

We may choose a small apartment because we love the location and all that it has to offer but the only thing available in the area are studios, or small one bedroom apartments. Whatever our reasons, we must utilize every ounce of space efficiently or we will feel cluttered and as if the walls are closing in on us. Read more

Spacious White Closet with Built in Shelving

Spacious White Closet with Built in ShelvingThis is every woman’s dream closet. A spacious white closet with built in shelving for all of your beauty, fashion and shoe needs. I mean look at all the mirrors!!!!!!!!!!Spacious White Closet with Built in Shelving

 Ok, this closet really is a woman’s dream closet. It has nice plush flooring you can walk on bare foot and sink your toes in. An over sized ottoman sits in the middle of the floor to help you get dressed. Perhaps it is there just in case your phone rings in the middle of “showtime” and you need to sit a spell before you get back to beautifying yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, right? Read more

Introducing Burlap Style Curtains

Introducing Burlap Style CurtainsOf all things put in a room to make it, it’s own, curtains take the cake. Burlap curtains are great for all seasons, and they allow enough sunlight into your room. Depending on the color of the room, your curtains will only enforce the setting that you created. These curtains look great with brown and white shades featured on furniture and walls. The light on dark colors work wonderful together to create an impressionable look. Read more

Spring Decor

Spring DecorSpring is one of the most popular seasons of the year. It introduces many bright and soft colors to home decor. This season is also when we become most creative and warm. Although, some people dress their dining tables with centerpieces all year round, the spring season welcomes a whole new style to table pieces. Most of the time, the store doesn’t have the piece exactly how you may have imagined it, so why not create a fancy centerpiece your self.

 Start with those lively colors of spring such as yellows, greens, pinks, and purples for example. In a basic solid glass vase or pitcher place circle cut lemon pieces throughout the entire neck of the container. Although, your center lemons will last all season, it will deliver the look that you want your table to have. Read more