Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen

Stylish Farmhouse KitchenAre you going for the farm style in your kitchen, what colors or shades do you  plan on using? For starters, stainless steel appliances stand out, and welcome many color choices. The steel appliances look good with cabinets that feature a similar shade but topped off with white counters. Bright wall paint or paper shows well, and enables you to throw in bright pictures, and knick-knacks through out the kitchen. Your table can also be very unique featuring light-wood, and colorful chairs.

 The table area can be complimented with multi- colored area rug and simple chandelier lighting. If your thinking about matching your table top to the floor, that is a great way to intertwine the area rug, chandelier, table top, and floor. But, don’t forget your built in aluminum venting station above the stove. The stove and venting station complement each other, as well as the bright yellow walls, they sit up against.

Stylish Farmhouse Kitchen Don’t stop there, add a little color to the knobs on your stove, being sure to capitalize on shades you already have in your kitchen. Another great thing about the farmhouse style kitchen is that plants enhance the style. The rich green color of plants brings life to the room whether it’s a Philodendron that drapes about or simply foliage plants.

The stainless steel is not overlooked but is highlighted by colors, and a variation of styles that introduces a farmhouse style kitchen in modern time. Imagine yellow walls, white ceilings, with light oak furniture, and stainless steel appliances over a light hardwood floor, if that’s not simply elegant than what is?


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