Making an old China Hutch new

Making an old China Hutch newWhen you’re redecorating, do you ever look at your oldest piece of furniture, and not know exactly what to do with it? It is common for people to replace older furniture with newer styles, but how about turning that fifty year old China hutch into an elegant piece of furniture that is both stylish and new.

Making an old China Hutch new

 Your home decor should reflect your personality and liven the room. However, refurnishing your home may become expensive, which is why upgrading your old furniture, saves you money and provides your home with the same feel as newly purchased furniture. Although your old China hutch may have featured an old wooden look, its elegance is easily restored by adding paint and/or contact paper.

 The color you choose should complement the hutch, as well as, the room it sits in. This piece of furniture looks great in both light and dark shades, which gives you a wide selection on color choices. Depending on the condition of your old China hutch, you may need to sand it lightly, prior to adding your new tone. Once you have selected your paint color, and you’re ready to paint, be sure to use even strokes, and apply paint generously, but not too thick, so that you avoid a smudged look.

 Top your paint coat off with a polish that adds shine to your old hutch. Upgrading your old China hutch, not only saves you money, but allows you to style your furniture exactly how you like, and presents a new and in style China hutch.


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