Turn a Dresser into this Beautiful Bench

Turn a Dresser into this Beautiful BenchHow many times have we come across an old dresser at a flee market? It always catches our eye, we glance, once, twice but always move on. You see something within you wanted to pick up that dresser and repurpose it, transform it or hack it but you just didn’t have any great ideas of what to transform it into. I mean it was a big cumbersome dress. Have you ever thought about transforming an old dresser into this beautiful bench! DIY.

 Turn a Dresser into this Beautiful Bench

 I’m sure you haven’t (smile). So, are you kicking yourself for passing up that old dresser now? Of course you are! Not to worry, I am sure you will come across another dresser some where in your flea market life and when you do this is all you need to do.

 For starters, you will want to take the top of the dresser off but don’t be hasty and throw it out on trash day because you can always repurpose that as well. Once the top is removed, remove the top drawers. Cut away any wood that was once there between the drawer parts and sand all areas down. Now, strip the dresser of any paint or stain that was applied. Sand down any rough edges. Take the top (unless you could think of something better to use it for) and cut it down to fit on top of what remains of the dresser. This will be the main bench area or the area you will be sitting on once the bench is finished.

 Paint the entire bench a really neat color like this green color or a Tiffany blue even peach would be pretty but make sure it matches your decor. Place some throw pillows on top and wallah!!! you have turned a dresser into this beautiful bench.


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