Spacious White Closet with Built in Shelving

Spacious White Closet with Built in ShelvingThis is every woman’s dream closet. A spacious white closet with built in shelving for all of your beauty, fashion and shoe needs. I mean look at all the mirrors!!!!!!!!!!Spacious White Closet with Built in Shelving

 Ok, this closet really is a woman’s dream closet. It has nice plush flooring you can walk on bare foot and sink your toes in. An over sized ottoman sits in the middle of the floor to help you get dressed. Perhaps it is there just in case your phone rings in the middle of “showtime” and you need to sit a spell before you get back to beautifying yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, right?

 The endless mirrors in this closet provide multiple views from multiple angles. You can’t beat that. With this set up, you can see exactly what others see behind you and adjust or accentuate accordingly. The mirrors are also dual purpose as the closet behind them houses your entire wardrobe.

 The dresser has many drawers for your lingerie and other personals. This unit and closet frees up space in your bedroom because you don’t have to put dressers in your bedroom. Everything is here in this one room.

Your linen and toiletry items can be stored above the mirrored doors. These small cubby holes provide endless storage for such items. Glass panels on the front of these cubby holes allow you to see exactly what is being stored.

 Lighting is provided naturally by the sun. This is important when making sure your make up is applied properly. It also have recessed lighting (my favorite) for the evening time.


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