Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment IdeasOk, let’s admit we choose small apartments for varying reasons. We may choose a small apartment because our finances may dictate that type of dwelling. We may choose a small apartment because we don’t spend much time home and it may be senseless to spend so much money on something so spacious when you are hardly there.

We may choose a small apartment because we love the location and all that it has to offer but the only thing available in the area are studios, or small one bedroom apartments. Whatever our reasons, we must utilize every ounce of space efficiently or we will feel cluttered and as if the walls are closing in on us.

 Small Apartment Ideas

So, how do we fit everything we own in the world into a small apartment? We obviously need small apartment ideas. The basic thing that I think is a universal thing is to take your space and divide it according to your needs. We see all the time people putting up room dividers or using furniture to section off one area from another.

This is a great way to make it appear as though you have different sections for one small living space. In the illustration below, you can see the room is divided into different sections. There’s a section for clothes (clothes closet without walls), a sleeping area, a study area, and a living area. This is all done by conveniently placing furniture that will section one area off from another. It may seem as though you can’t make small apartment ideas work but you can.


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