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Useful DecorWhat about your bar area? Do you have a wine rack that fits all your wine, and wine glasses? Average wine racks often prevents all the bottles from being visible. However, a horizontal wine rack, featured in natural wood, capitalizes on your bar area. This type of wine rack is appropriate for the kitchen, if you do not have a designated bar area. The rack is designed to cradle your sacred wine bottles.

 The design is not only stylish but it’s convenient. It’s wooden texture is wonderful looking natural, but it is also beautiful stained or painted depending on your style. Besides, it saves a lot of money; all you will need is a couple pieces of wood and nails. Compare that price to the price of a store brought wine rack, especially one that resembles this modern design.

Useful DecorYou should determine the size and length of the rack, and how much wine you plan on storing on the rack. Many might say it’s adjustable, others believe it’s customized. Its a great item to show off during dinner parties or family gatherings. The different bottles also add character to the rack, as well as, the glasses that hang underneath it. Depending on the style you are going for, your wineglasses can be fancy or basic, and still give the room adequate fulfillment.

 It provides the area with a refreshing look, while it invites the attention of many just simply passing by it. Even if you’re not a wine drinker, the rack can take the place of a picture or artwork displayed on the wall. In other words, it doesn’t only serve as a refreshment rack, but a great piece of wall art for your home in almost any room including study’s, living rooms, and even the master bedroom.


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