Protect Your Interior During Rainy Days

Protect Your Interior from Rainy DaysRain soaked muddy shoes or clothes can make a mess in your house.  Even leaving these shoes at the entrance is unsightly. All the things we hate in our perfectly clean and tidy house. Houses with concrete tiles won’t see this as a problem, but it will definitely be for houses with lots and lots of carpets and hardwood floor.

Protect your interior during rainy days by having a special closet.  I call this a mud room, since my last house had a huge walk in closet that was the size of a small room. 

 A “mud room” is a very good addition to your house. This comes very useful especially in places where it rains a lot. It is where you’ll place your wet clothes and muddy shoes when you tried to run from a downpour. There are clean towels in the cabinets where you can dry yourself enough to take a walk to the bathroom for a soothing warm bath. This room is also warm enough relax yourself from the cold outside.

 A mudroom isn’t a big room.  In fact its more of a walk in closet with hangers and racks that can separate wet and dry clothes. Make sure it can be easily cleaned so that you won’t have a hard time cleaning up mess from a rainy day. Make a special door to the outside so that this is where you and your family can enter on wet days. Always remember to keep it well ventilated so that molds and other fungi does not grow inside the room. That is the problem with houses especially those made of hard wood.

 Clean the mud room frequently and keep it always dry. This room really isn’t a necessity, but it is a way to take care of your house. Good care of houses saves a lot of time and money for repairs and renovations. If you’re building a house, remember to instruct your architect to include one of these!


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