Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Finishes in the Kitchen

Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Finishes in the KitchenKitchens look and feel great when you put your all into decorating them. For instance, the barn wood appeal on kitchen ceilings tend to liven the area,  and add definition to the room, whether it has a natural oak look or a dark wood finish. It may be complemented well with; an island that has stainless steel knobs, handles, and is great for bar stool seating.

 The island can feature a beautiful slate shade that matches the vertical flooring so well they almost look identical in color, yet they stand out. A tall neck sink  presents beauty in modern and ancient decorating, which can be featured on one or both ends of the island giving the room a unique twist. The floor and island should stand out against the golden oak ceiling, which can introduce, elegant ivory counters and cabinets.

The ivory counters may feature stainless steel handles, knobs, and a chrome tall sink neck identical to the one on the island, which sits well with the other stainless steel items in the room. Of course, the appliances look great built in, it adds more space to the room and is just complimentary to a ranch style kitchen. A stainless steel fridge looks it’s best under white mini cabinets, drawers, or even panel.

Stainless Steel Appliances and Wood Finishes in the Kitchen The type of lighting you choose is important too; with a modern ranch style kitchen drop lamps adds the appropriate light to the kitchen, while it adds to your personal design. This type of lighting is great for kitchens that have picture windows or glass doors. Remember, decorating is about expressing yourself through designs, colors, and styles that are delivered uniquely throughout the room.


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