Simply Rustic

Simply RusticFor some reason, the kitchen is one of the most sacred rooms of the house. We tend to spend a lot of time in it decorating, and redecorating time and time again. Country style kitchens are welcoming, and they add a luxurious look to your home, while staying basic, and inexpensive.

 Imagine your kitchen over looked by off white chandelier lighting, draped over a light oak dining table, with black legs and beige cushion chairs, replicating a country Victorian style kitchen well. The mixture of black and oak introduces beige curtains and black appliances. For additional seating and elegant style, a two toned island with matching chairs reigns simplicity, and glamour at the same time.

Simply RusticTheisland should not out do the luxurious chandelier dangling over the dinning table, that is situated like a breakfast table. Miniature chandelier lighting is efficient for lighting, and glamorous enough to fit it in your rustic style kitchen. Of course you have the option to position your appliances closer together, but what about a built in fridge and stove, surrounded by black cabinets and light oak counter tops.

 This style kitchen looks beautiful with picture windows and glass doors. The off white chandeliers reflect off beige sheer curtains allowing your kitchen to be lit naturally as well. What about flooring? Depending on the shade you like, but why not top your rustic kitchen off with dark wood floors, which highlights the room. Do not forget about your table and island center pieces, which looks great in bright colors with glass vases and candle holders.


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