Two-Toned Dining

Two-Toned DiningEvery so often, you may get an urge to redecorate. At times decorating can be expensive, especially if your are looking to change some furniture in a particular room. Kitchen tables are one of the most important pieces in the kitchen. It never gives without notice, and is often important to the style of your kitchen. Round tables have been popular for centuries, and still finds it’s way into many kitchens.

 The best thing about these circular surfaces is that they are easily done over, and it is very inexpensive to do so. Although these tables look great in wood, they look even better with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, the color is strictly your choice.

Two Toned DiningAs for the design, simply paint the legs and frame of the table with a rich and creamy off white shade, after you sand and prime it. After it fully dries add a gloss coat, and add polish to the tabletop. Chose your color based on the tone of your kitchen table, in other words, light with dark, and vice versa. The colors stick out against each other, which provides the table with a unique look, and adds character to the entire kitchen.

This table looks great with most flooring including hardwood, tile, and even carpet, depending on your taste. The table can also be topped off with a simple center piece, but it looks great bare too. Turn your simple round kitchen table into a unique two-toned piece of furniture that will soon become the most talked about item in your kitchen.


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