A Different Type of New

A Different Type of NewWe tend to save money by reusing the furniture we already have. Believe it or not renewing furniture is a lot less expensive than buying something new. For example, staining over a previously painted dresser is less stressful than coming up with a couple of hundred dollars to replace it. Don’t panic, it’s quite simple, for starters, chip off all the paint you can with a painter chipper, and finish off the job with a durable sand paper.

Sanding your dresser brings it back to it’s natural state, and allows new paint or stain to be applied more effectively without distorting it’s color, quality, or texture. However, you can also save time by applying stain right over the painted dresser.

A Different Type of NewSimply wash the dresser down, it may help if you remove the dresser from indoors, and tackle this project outdoors. Make sure that you remove all stains that may have been on the dresser with a gentle cleaner and water. After thoroughly washing it, allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. When you’re sure it’s dry add your stain directly to the piece, being sure that you’re liberal but neat.

However, not all painted surfaces can be stained without stripping the paint first. For those surfaces, sand the paint off, stain it, and add a gloss as a top or finish coat. Although the style of your dresser doesn’t change, the new shade provides a whole new look to the piece of furniture, which is a plus for the room which it sits in. Staining your dresser saves money, and allows you to choose the exact stain shade that fits your room appropriately.


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  • June 30, 2016 at 9:49 am

    Do you put the stain on with a brush or rag, I need to know the particulars


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