Every Girl’s Sanctuary

Every Girl’s SanctuaryGirls are not like any other creature in the world (smile). They are fun, energetic, bubbly, bouncy, full of energy but they also cry at the drop of a hat, are hormonal, have weird quirks and will declare about 100 times a week that you as a parent just don’t understand. Sounds about right? Well, there is one thing as a parent you do understand. You do understand that every girl needs a girl’s sanctuary.

I mean she needs a place that is all her own. A place where she can let loose and fantasize about how great she would be as the Princess of her own Kingdom. Hey, I’m not a girl anymore but that last one (Princess of her own Kingdom) sounds pretty cool to me too. Well, anyways, how’s this for making her feel like a Princess while giving her her own girl’s sanctuary?

I’d say it is a fabulous start and a wonderful ending. All that is in between these two are just as amazing. This station is a girl’s dream and her mother’s too because she will not be in your area any longer. It features a full length mirror for runway fashion, a half mirror for beauty shop experiences and a dress of drawers for her to hide her makeup stash and her hair care products. There’s even a place for her to display and store her jewelry. It is basically everything all wrapped up in one. You may need to adjust the colors according to your daughter’s personal preference but there is not anything more you will need to adjust.


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