DIY Hideouts for the kids

Playmate-or-RoommatePlaymate or RoommateThe circular hideout canopy is a perfect hideout for your child, and is so convenient to store when they’re done with it. Parents are able to dangle this tent like canopy from almost anywhere their baby or toddler hangs out, and create a great hideout for kids. They are great for cribs, beds, nurseries, and bedrooms. They have been designed to initiate your child imagination, and are a great way to store smaller toys, such as stuffed animals, and dolls.

 One of the most popular features of the canopy is that it is made of a light material, and allows the child to stay comfortably warm or cool depending on the season. It is also easily dangled but meets the floor, giving your child a fun and safe way to play.

Moreover, you can drape the canopy right in the baby’s crib, and he or she is able to play in it, but it also looks great cradling baby toys and gadgets, while in the crib. For older babies, this is a great way to add definition to their playroom, he or she may even pretend that they’re camping out in a tent. Although the circular canopy hideout is great, it also helps to add character to a few rooms in your home.

 Thus, the canopy is portable, and is designed to follow the baby wherever he or she goes. The best thing about this canopy, is that although is draws attention to itself in the room, it’s basic looks allows it to sit comfortably almost anywhere.

But what if you can’t buy it? Well, here’s an easy way to make it:

You’ll Need:

  • A large hula hoop
  • A couple large sheets
  • 3 small sections of Rope

What to Do:

  • Start by tying the three ropes and tie one end of each rope to the hoop so you have three ropes hanging from three different spots on the hoop, then take all three sections and connect them together at one point above the hoop and tie them together, you can now hang it from the ceiling by getting a hook and hanging it on there.
  • Next you’re going to throw the sheets over the hoop and pull them through the center of the hoop.
  • OR if you want it more durable you can fold over a small 1 or 2 inch section of the sheets over the side of the hoop and through the middle then sew it so that the hoop is on the inside of the small sheet section.

Here’s a tutorial:

Now you have a wonderful hideout for kids, click here for some more cool kid’s room ideas  or here for even more imaginative child room ideas!


3 thoughts on “DIY Hideouts for the kids

  • November 14, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Can’t wait to make this for my granddaughter. This is awesome. I plan on putting a large beanbag covered in faux fur with some toss pillows. She will love the sights and feel of this. She is autistic, 8 years old and loves to read. Thanks for the idea.

  • January 7, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks for the video. I love your idea.

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