Master Bathroom Designs

Master Bathroom DesignsAlthough bathrooms can be the smallest rooms in your home, it’s often hard to decide how to design it. With most bathrooms, it may be a good idea to stay basic, even if you are going to add a little spin. In other words, try bright color wall paint or wall paper with art and accessories that match. Choose appropriate lighting that hangs over common areas, such as the sink.

 Although you want your bathroom simple, you want it to have a design too. So choosing best light fixtures that are stylish featuring silver or gold trim, depending on your sink and tub faucets. If you are decorating the master bathroom, apply similar colors that you used in the master bedroom, just so they compliment each other right away. Your walls can feature some panel, which looks great painted white and other colors as well.

Master Bathroom Designs Another important feature needed in the bathroom is shelves, which allows you to display more accessories, and provides room for storage too. Glass shelves trimmed in silver looks great in the bathroom especially if your faucet knobs resemble in color. Wall art is ideal but can be substituted with placing a picture on top of a shelf.

This presents a totally new age design; especially with an over sized medicine cabinet that can be any shade you like. Each color should fit in originally, and claim it’s place in displaying elegance in moderation throughout your master bath and bedroom. Treat your bathroom to a basic but exquisite make over; it is one of the most frequented rooms in your home


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