Exquisite Living

Exquisite LivingWho doesn’t want a modern style living room featuring unique wall art and style. Mixing and matching has become a popular technique used by some decorators. People place simple sofas and uniquely shaped coffee or end tables in the living room with or without a television set or entertainment center. The living room often resembles a sitting room in modern decor.

 One of the most noticed pieces in the living room is wall art. Because your room is anything but original, it may be best for you to design your own wall art. This gives you a chance to present the colors and shapes that you feel fit your living room best. Your design does not have to meet any particular standards, which can be created with almost any material, depending on what you are going for.

Exquisite LivingYour art can be complimented with pillows of the same shade, and darker colored throw rugs. Your design can feature as many colors as you want, just as long as they sit well with each other. When you design your wall art, determine the color wall that will surround it, and choose a shade that you feel is appropriate for the setting.

The shape of your art is another feature you will have to decide, whether it should be circular, square, oval, or diamond shaped for example. The fun doesn’t stop there, you will also have the option to display solid shapes, or shapes that present flowers or other elegant depictions. Elegance is not always expensive, yet it’s forever exquisite and refined.


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