Royal Bathroom Designs

Royal Bathroom DesignsSome people enjoy simple bathroom decor, while others enjoy the luxurious look. Although, luxury tends to be quite expensive, adding specific shades and designs creates a royal decor that illuminates the room.  A shower-less tub can give your bathroom the royal look that you are looking for. However, it’s up to you to include colors that compliment the setting. The curtains, rugs, and decorative towels should capitalize on your wall and floor shades.

 Although the tub is luxurious itself, it is a good idea to match your design colors with it. People commonly use candles, pictures, and other items to capitalize on their tub design. In decor your personal products are even used as a part of the design.

Royal Bathroom Designs Many people use fancy bottles of lotions, bubble bath, shampoo, and shaving cream to deliver a welcoming restroom. Not to mention a darker colored floor under a light tub adds character to the bathroom effortlessly. Nevertheless, your design doesn’t have to stop there, your curtains can be light but heavier drapes gives off a more luxurious look. Your decorative curtain rods should not drown out your decorative towel rods either.

 Each area of the bathroom should reflect the next area, which makes the entire room luminous. Your lighting can be determined by the colors you use, whether they are both lighter or darker tones. For example darker tones may need brighter lights, while soft colors sit with dim lighting. The light fixtures can be creative, which will only add to the luxurious look of your bathroom. This design is great for the family bathroom, but works miracles as a master bathroom as well.


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