Teen Decor

Teen Decor
Teen-DecorMany people agree that it is hard to satisfy Pre-teens and teens, especially when it comes to their room. In recent years, young ladies have become more, and more welcoming of the hot pink shade. Deep dark pink walls and white ceilings leaves a lot of decorating options, when it comes to the style of the bed, bedding, and the various amenities found in your teen girls room.

If you are going to go with the pink walls and white ceiling, introduce white furniture on a black background for an even better appeal, yes three separate wall colors, she’ll love it. Her bedroom set should consist of something basic but useful including bookshelves, drawers, and ample storage space for pictures and other knick-knacks. Her bedding should feature pink, and a zebra print, which includes all colors in the room. The lighting can be stylish but effective such as miniature spotlights. This style of lighting compliments a teen girl’s room by adding glamour to it.

Teen Décor

Complimenting the zebra print bedding can be various zebra print items such as wall art, pictures, or even stuffed animals, depending on your teen. The room screams maturity and fun simultaneously. The pink and zebra print bedroom looks great with carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. The shades of the floor should allow the bed to stand out, such as, light tanned rug, wooden floors, or light tile. This is a great way to decorate your teen’s room, which is inexpensively beautiful, which has a design that she’ll probably keep until college.


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