Old Doors

Old DoorsDo you like old things? I mean do you peruse the flea markets looking for things that are old or antique? Is Shabby Chic your thing?Well what do you think about old doors? Take a gander at this:

Old Doors

 Beautiful statement piece huh? Well, any old door with a little character will do. The idea here is to repurpose and refashion this old door to make it into a beautiful center piece for a room. It will definitely be the focal point and draw attention from all who gander upon it.

 Here is what you need to know to replicate this look: Get an old door. The more rustic looking the door is the better. A rustic looking door will provide the drama and character you are looking for. Once you have pinpointed your door. strip it of its knob. You won’t need that because no one will be using the door to enter the room (LOL).

 You can place some crown molding on either side of the door with a shelf to complete the mantle look. An old rustic mirror will do nice just make sure it is large and matches the decor perfectly. Finish out the look with two tall antique candle holders and a few other trinkets. Don’t be afraid to add at least one or two things that are not antique. Sometimes the old meets the new and it adds a nice finishing touch. I like that the lamp is small. I also like that is gives off a soft yellow light. The lighting is perfect!


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