Murphy Bed

Murphy BedYou’re sitting on your couch, enjoying a movie or book before bed, when you hear a knock at your door. Wondering who it could be at this hour, you check the peep-hole to see an old friend looking tired and dripping water on the floor, no doubt from the downpour outside. You open the door and invite her inside.

 She explains that she was on her way to a wedding. It was getting late and kept raining harder and harder, and she remembered that you live in the area. She asks if you have an extra bed. It just so happens that you do! You walk over to what looks like a set of cabinets on the wall and pull on one of the handles. To your friend’s surprise, a bed comes out of the wall! Problem solved.

 Murphy Bed

 If you want an easy guest area, live in a small space, or simply want more of it, a murphy bed might be perfect for you. As a bed that you can “put away,” it allows you to sleep at night and hide it during the day, giving you more room and one less piece of furniture to worry about running into.

 But murphy beds can be hard to pull off stylishly. This image is an example of such a bed pulled of effortlessly. Not only is it kept out of the way during the day, but it has been camouflaged to blend in with the cabinets above. A simple cabinet installation above with the frame around is the first step. As long as you’ve done the right measurements, the bed will fit right in. Then you just have to fit-up the bottom of the bed to match its surroundings.


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