How to Hang Photos

How to Hang PhotosPictures… we love them so. I mean pictures are are window into our worlds. Pictures are our opportunities to freeze time. I mean think about it at any time we can simply look at a photo that represents every decade in our lives, our children’s lives and our parent’s lives. Pictures bring us happiness. They make us smile. We do love our pictures so.

One thing that we don’t love about pictures is how to hang them. How do we properly hang them? This is so frustrating. We want them to hang where they are pleasing to the eye. We want them to be straight, not crooked or uneven. We don’t want them to drop off the wall.

How to Hang Photos

So what is the proper way to hang them? Is there a proper way or is that simply left up to our own discretion? Well, it may be a little of both but here is how to hang photos, if you would like them to be hung proportionally correct. You can hang photos on the wall in groups of 3, i.e. three rows of three and three columns of three. Whether the size is 8X10 or 10X10 this hanging method should be used. This hanging method places all pictures inside a square area will a small 2″ space in between each row and each column. This method provides an even space of portraits. Do be mindful of the type of photos you are hanging with this method. Themed photos or photos that are related in some way seem to suit this method the best.


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