Keeping Up A Stylish Backyard

use-rocks-to-separate-the-grass-fromDo you have a lot of get togethers at your home? Maybe a backyard party or cook-out once in awhile?  Some things everyone thinks about when planning a nighttime backyard party is “Do I have enough light out there?”  or  maybe “Does my yard look presentable to my friends?” One thing  that will definitely make your yard presentable, interesting, stylish and lighted is this design. You use rocks to separate the grass from the deck and you bury rope lights in the rocks.  You can purchase rope lights at a great price from the following link:

I don’t think I really have to do an instruction list on this since it is just that, putting rocks around the deck then wrapping lights through the rocks. But this method will pay off in the long run. It is a beautiful method for when you decide to invite guests over.

Just imagine sitting in a wicker chair on the deck in the backyard, sipping your wine or lemonade talking with friends while the men cook steak at the grill. It’s perfect!

Another upside to this is not only the lighted area or beauty of it but you won’t have to worry about cleaning dirt away from your deck because there is a barrier.

If you’d like some help with some landscaping tips click here and if that’s not enough click here.

Another option you could consider is raised flower beds, these will attract butterflies, bees and other wildlife but it’s worth it. The flowers will fill the yard with an amazing scent. For more information on making raised flower beds, you can click here. My favorite part of my backyard is definitely my Rosemary Garden. It smells amazing and looks like something out of a whimsical story.

But if flowers, rope light and rocks aren’t your thing you can always enhance your backyard with a fire-pit or waterfall. It will put interest in your yard without any bees or bugs around, It will also be good for when you invite guests over. I remember as a child looking in my aunt’s koi fish pond out in her backyard, it was always my favorite part of going to her home.

Here’s some inspiration for your backyard:

and I also thought you may like a video on how to make your own rock garden:

Both of these videos should give you alot of inspiration for your backyard oasis!


Do you have a stylish backyard? Describe it for me, Comment below! 


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