Cool Pattern for Curtain

Cool Pattern for Curtain Cool Pattern for CurtainIn fashion, it is important to know what goes what. If this color compliments the other, or this print goes well with plains. This concept also applies in home improvement. It is very important to match the color of the walls with your types of furniture. Everything in home improve occurs in pairs. Match  counters with the dining table. Match carpets with couch. Match windows with curtains.

Cool Pattern for Curtain

There are many elements in choosing the right curtain for your home. First, you must consider the height of the ceiling. If you have low ceiling, you do well with thin cloth for a curtain. Thick ones applies with high ceilings.

 Common colors for curtains includes white, peach, shades of gray and shades of brown. It is a very unique sight to see homes with curtains color lavender, red, blue or even tangerine.

 Prints does not only applies to fashion, but in home improvement as well. There are on the couch, pillows, carpets, wallpapers and even in curtains. Prints in curtains are only usually seen as accents. They are on the top or side borders only.

 Here is a very unique idea – use a printed textile as curtain! To make is very classy, place it in between plain curtains that matches the color of the print. Surely, your curtain combination will stand out among the other things in your room. It looks young and exciting. Use vibrant and unique color to make it stand out more. No more boring old windows. Now everyone will notice the unique window design you have at home.


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