A Kitchen that Overlooks the Next Room

A Kitchen that Overlooks the Next RoomSome kitchens are better off with a hole. And no, not an actual hole, but an overlooking space where you can enjoy talking to your friends all the way from the other room while you were too busy cooking for everyone.

 A Kitchen that Overlooks the Next Room

 Why is this better that having an open kitchen instead? This uses the open floor plan and place counters for a more usable kitchen. There are now more kitchen appliances and materials that can be placed inside the kitchen.

 An open counter space allows you to cook and talk at the same time. You can peek on whatever the whole family and guests is doing into the next room. You can really what all the fuss is about in your little social gathering. You can check out your kids eating their cereals while you were packing sandwiches for their school lunchbox. In formal family dinners, this open space can be a check out counter for serving food. You can make lemonades during book club meeting without missing a word they are talking about! This space is like a window to the next room. You can do a lot with such a space.

 Take note of the very nice cabinets compliments the entire physique of the kitchen. Those white bed boards give the kitchen a classy and sleek look. This kitchen tells a lot about how keen and how important the kitchen means to the family. This is the most important room in the house. Make it very beautiful and unique with a dash of glam!


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