Ideas for a Master Bedroom

Ideas for a Master BedroomIn to whole house, the master bedroom is the biggest bedroom. It has complete furnishings, and it even has its own big bathroom! It is where a husband and wife creates extraordinary memories together. It is also the place where the start a new life for little kids. This room holds a lot of good things that is healthy for a married life.

Ideas for a Master Bedroom

 A completely furnished master bedroom has a big bed, a queen-sized or even bigger. It also has a huge cabinet, a make-up counter, a study table, some couch and a big bathroom. Overall, the room must be neutral in terms of style and theme. It must be a equal haven for both the husband and wife.

 This is a unique architectural design for a master bedroom. It surely is not spacious, but it has enough space to place all furniture and fix them in place. The couch and the study table are leaned against the wall at the narrow “hall”. On top of the study table are books and a sleek lamp. The table isn’t really made for studying, but as a shelf to where the books, lamps and small plants are place. There is a huge mirror above the study table.

 The ceiling in the master bedroom resembles that of the attic. There illuminates natural light from the polycarbonate roof. During a sunny day, light will fill up the whole room. It will become very bright for a bright day. There is also a jar with twigs. Individually, this twig will look very ugly and rotten. But a bunch of this creates a very beautiful art, a substitute for live plants to avoid regular watering.


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