Fab Kitchen Layouts That Just Work!

fab-layout When it comes to our kitchen layout we all want something that is well thought out and functional, while also being beautiful and eye catching! We all want our guests to come into our kitchens and ooh and ahh at first sight, but will they ooh and ahh at a small cramped kitchen? Probably not, just because everyone is shoulder to shoulder in your teeny tiny kitchen that only fits one person.

Want to know a secret? There are a few layouts that will have your kitchen be the center of all the talk at the party. Here they are:

  • One Wall: This layout is where all your cabinets, appliances, and all your space is on one wall. Why is this a good idea? Because you have plenty of room for a big table for all those dinner parties that you’ll be throwing to show off your kitchen.
  • The Galley: These kitchens are perfect for smaller homes and have counter space on both sides of the kitchen although they have less walking room (3′ to 5′ between both counters) they have more than enough counter space and plenty of storage.
  • The U: This utilizes three walls in the kitchen and opens up to a family room or dining area. It is very open and usually the appliances in this layout are in a perfect triangle . This is a good layout to choose if you have alot of people who like to be in the kitchen when you are.
  • The L: The L shaped kitchen is just that, an L. It usually takes up two walls and meets in a corner. It is perfect for families, you can set up certain areas for certain things like coffee at the end of the counter and blender in the corner or wherever you want and you’ll still have plenty of room to walk and get around.
  • The Peninsula: This Layout is like the “L” shaped layout, except it comes out at the end and creates a bar for guests to sit at or for kids to do homework. This is a great layout if you have guests over and you’re still cooking or busy in the kitchen. You can continue cooking and still engage with your guests.

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These are just a few of the most popular kitchen layouts, pick one and start designing your kitchen! Just think everything through. If you have a massive family and lots of big dinner parties the galley kitchen may not be the best choice for you.

Once you’ve chosen the layout, or if you are not rebuilding your entire kitchen, but simply want some tips for a remodel or decoration, you will want to consider the aesthetic elements, since the functionality is already determined by your existing layout.  You will need to consider the overall style and theme of your home decor while decorating or remodeling your kitchen.  Play the following video for some great tips to help you create a winning design!

What type of kitchen layout do you have?  Share in the comments below.


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