Elegant Small Bathroom

Elegant Small BathroomSmall bathrooms are very difficult to decorate. We just thought is it very difficult to place things in them. We just want to avoid a very congested bathroom. Brightening up a small bathroom is a very difficult task because we must see to it that every detail in place must not outshine the others.

Elegant Small Bathroom

For a small bathroom, only a small bathroom counter can be placed. However, towels, toilet paper rolls and huge bottles of conditioners cannot be placed in that small space. Find an empty wall, preferably on top of the toiler bowl, two to three shelves can be installed. Towels, robes and face towels can be folded and placed there, ready to be used. On the top most shelf, ornamental and decorative materials can be arranged there. Pictures of nature in black frames are the most fitting decals for a bathroom. Jars in precious stones also adds elegance in your small bathroom.

Make the place look spacious by placing large hang-on just like a large rectangular mirror, which is enough to fit to the wall above the bathroom counter. Some add-on can also be placed on the counter, just like a tall plant and a small picture frame. Refreshing plants are a plus in bathroom interior design, such as Horsetails, which is a green bamboo-like plant which can be bought in local flower shops. This plant is a very famous decorative in spas and salons.

 The sink must look elegant. Elegant sinks takes the shape of an oval. To add to its elegance, faucets with crystal handles are installed. Place a small ceiling lamps with dim lights to finish off. icon smile Elegant Small Bathroom


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