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At some point in every woman’s life she will go through a time where she is on her own, and will have to be an independent woman in her own bachelorette pad. But, if you’re placed in this situation then don’t fret. If you’re single, might as well enjoy it. When we think of sharing a home with a man we think about his likes, our likes, and trying to combine them. Which is extremely hard if he’s a log cabin/lodge type of guy, and you like shabby chic or colonial antique styles.

But this is your time to enjoy being a female and enjoy being single so what better way than to decorate your home? Your bachelorette pad is your zone. Embrace your femininity in your own home. Here’s some ways to bring out the bachelorette in your pad.


1.) Destroy any evidence of your past man. He’s gone and it’s just you so why do you need the reminders? That teddy bear he gave you? Gone (maybe). That cheesy scrapbook of poems? Gone. And those photos on the wall? Replace them with photos of your dog! Your dog is cuter anyway.

Hello My name is SIngle
Single is OKAY.

2.) Bring in Pink. If you’re not a pink girl, then bring in lots and lots of your favorite color! I am a pink girl. I love pink,  and I love shabby chic and vintage. So, old but pretty vintage chests filled with old fancy quilts is right up my alley. Florals and chevrons look good also! Not to mention, they’re also trending right now!

Color palettes and patterns can go together
The colors in this photo are just beautiful!

3.) Girly pictures add a sense of  ‘a girl obviously lives here’, if you don’t have actual photos of you and the girls then get some plants like pretty flowers, quotes, letters from friends or even silhouette portraits and hang them up everywhere!! They’ll be pretty reminders of how you should embrace the woman within your body. Also, they look so good when you have guests coming over!

Photos on the wall
Lots of photos just makes a room Fabulous!

4.) Make it your own. Put your own personal little touches to it. It’s yours and you have no limits and no man to tell you you’re going too far with the decor.  So you just go crazy girl. You want to put those string Christmas lights all around your doors and ceilings in the bedroom? Go for it! You want to go out and buy big fluffy blankets and pillows to put in your bedroom? Do it. You have no one in your life to say “No, you can’t do that.”

String lights add beauty
String lights can add alot of feminine touches

5.) When you’re a bachelorette, you can display your stuff like he displayed his. For example, you know that fancy cabinet that held his baseball or football memorabilia? Now it shows off your favorite shoes or jewelry. Which is honestly, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  It makes me think of a fancy store!

Shoes deserve a fancy place too
Display cases for shoes are just simply Fabulous!

6.) Get those cute “Ooh La La” pillows and spread them across your couch. It’s your house, you can do it! Some stores have multiple fun and flirty pillows in a set which can fill up that old couch real fast, they’re just so girly and cute!

fancy pillows on a couch
Pillows with sayings add a cute and flirty flair to any ordinary couch.

7.) Get yourself a bar cart, paint that thing pink or your favorite color and put your favorite fruity drinks on it for those fun girl’s nights! You can add some fun gold and silver accents to accentuate your bottles and stuff and if you’re not a drinker feel free to use the cart to hold plates, cups, silverware and the like! You can still add some flowers and accents to make it feel more placed.

Bar cart
Bar carts are wonderful for socialites who love parties!

8.) Bring in flowers! Lots and lots of flowers! Fake ones, real ones, doesn’t matter just bring in lots of them! Flowers make everything seem even more girly and just add a light and airy feel to any room. Flowers just add something to a room. Even putting fake flowers in a bathroom on the side of a garden tub, it just adds so much to any room!

Flowers make everything better!

9.)  Make it match, all of it. Go with a theme, make it girly, flirty, cute and ready for those girls nights out!  Matching rooms, themes and color palettes make a room seem like it should be together, it looks beautiful and just works together. Everything flows when you have a color palette, theme and everything matches.

bachelorette pad themes
Matching bachelorette pads look lovely

10.) Bring the girls over, download Netflix, and bring out the grub.  It’s officially a bachelorette pad. Enjoy your home and embrace the femininity in your home.












Do you have any other ideas to decorate your bachelorette pad?  Do share in the comments below!



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  • January 11, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    Where is that white side board from in the last picture????

    • January 14, 2015 at 10:49 pm

      Sorry, can’t find the same one anymore.


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