Small Bedding Details for Creating a Space that Speaks

Small Bedding Details for Creating a Space that SpeaksA bedroom speaks volumes about the personality of your home, so it’s important to keep it clean, keep it you, and keep it interesting. Here are three details to keep in mind when shopping for bedding:

 Ruching – A sexy detail guaranteed to heat up the bedroom. Ruching is often seen in lingerie and is perfect for adding texture. You’ll commonly find these details in chiffon and satin materials. It’s a bolder statement that is sure to turn heads.

Ruffles  – A softer element that will add a sweet touch to a bedroom. Ruffles create movement and volume – an ideal touch for your daughter’s bedroom. You will commonly find these in cotton duvets. This is a fabulous pick for a toddler’s room or a baby gift as well.

Pleating – A sophisticated style that is commonly found in satin fabrics. Pleats add texture, since you are folding the fabric in on itself and creating a series of beautiful, sharp lines. These are harder to find, but easily to duplicate.

Small Bedding Details for Creating a Space that Speaks

 You don’t have to limit yourself to only bedding. You can usually find interior decor items such as lamps and pillows in similar styles as mentioned above. If you’d rather opt for simpler bedding, you could always spruce things up with a ruffled lamp or ruched pillows.

 Another option is to add texture with various bedding styles and materials. For example, throw a ruched chiffon pillow onto a cotton ruffled bed or a suede duvet with silk sheets. Get creative and display your personal style to its fullest.


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