Audio Light Bulb

Audio Light BulbLet us all feel like hipsters and reward ourselves with pretty unique inventions. Perhaps like a n air shuffle phone, wheel-less cars, holograms. . .but some things unique that we really want are not yet available to us. So let’s buy some new and hip gadgets, like an iPod or tablets.

Audio Light Bulb

Here’s one pretty unique invention, an audio light bulb. It is a light bulb AND a speaker. Let us get rid of those unwanted wires messing around the whole area. It is an amazing design because it can be installed as easily as placing a light bulb on your ceiling.  It provides crisp audio at a very large space. Not only does it plays music, but it is a light bulb too.The bulbs has a transmitter included. This transmitter can send wireless signals from it to the speakers. Any iPod or 30 pin mp3 players can be fitted at the transmitter. The transmitter can send signals to about 50 inches in radius. It also comes with a remote controller which can play, pause and skip music. It can also control the brightness of the lamp up to 50% dimness.

 Electricity consumption is very low. The audio parts consumes 10 watts while the bright lamp is 60 watts. Don’t worry about the light, because it is not a lamp but rather made up of super bright LEDs! It is made of durable materials that the company invented this assures a lifetime guarantee. You can buy this  throw online here GiiNiiAudioBulb Wireless/Expandable LED Light bulb music system for iPod/iPhone/any music source Audio Light Bulb  for as low as $300! It can fill music in the whole house. You can never go wrong with these babies.


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